FBA Scout for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

FBAScout - FBAPower

Search the App Store from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for FBA Scout. Free download and 250 trial scans. Unlock unlimited scanning by signing up here:

Full FBA Scout for new users for $39.95/month

Existing FBA Power users can add FBAScout here for $20/month
(Existing FBA Power users should use the same email address when adding FBA Scout to their account)

Minimum iOS requirements:
3.1.3 or later. Connect to iTunes to upgrade your iOS as needed.

Hardware Requirements:
To use iPhone with Scanfob 2002™ and camera scanning: iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4
To use iPhone without Scanfob 2002™ (camera scanning only): iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4
(Original iPhone is not recommended because it does not support a 3G data connection)

iPad and iPad 2 with both work with the Scanfob 2002™.

iPod Touch with Scanfob 2002™ and camera scanning: iPod Touch 4th Generation
iPod Touch with Scanfob 2002™: iPod Touch 3rd Generation (no camera)
(iPod Touch 1st and 2nd Generation are not recommended because they do not support Scanfob 2002 or camera scanning)

Scanfob 2002™ will work with FBA Scout for iOS.

Scanfob 2002™ Settings:

Scanfob 2002™ Connection Instructions (PDF, print this out):


FBAScout requires a data connection; either 3G or WiFi.

Registering Your FBA Scout
Under your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Settings (the icon that looks like a bunch of gears).

Scroll down to find the settings for your installed apps. Touch FBA Scout. Your Username is the email address that you used when you registered for FBA Power or FBA Scout. Your Password is your FBA Power password if you use FBA Power. If you only use FBA Scout, your password was emailed to you.

There are two additional settings: Show FBA Prices ON/OFF and Show Quantity ON/OFF

Most users will have both of these settings turned ON. These settings gather additional information. To maximize speed, they can be turned OFF. Most users find that they prefer to have complete data and that the speed is ridiculously fast with both settings ON.

More details about how Show FBA Offers ON/OFF works can be found here:


Using the Camera to Capture Barcodes:
To activate the Redlaser barcode scanning app using the camera on your iOS device, press the RedLaser icon at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Then hold the camera over the barcode so that the whole barcode is in the red box. Once the barcode is captured, you’ll return to the FBAScout app to see the results.

Works great on iPad! Scanfob 2002 works with both iPad and iPad 2. (iPad 2 recommended for added versatility of camera scanning)

The iPad (1 or 2) with 3G could very easily be the best AND more economical way to scout. If you are scouting in an environment where the size of the iPad is not a hindrance, then the large screen will make the data very easy to read. Verifying any info on the Amazon product page or even checking eBay would be much easier with the full browser.

The economical part comes with the data plan.

AT&T: 2 GB for $25/month, no contract. 2 GB will allow you to scan about 2,000 items a day, every day.

Verizon: $20 per month for 1 GB, $35 per month for 3 GB, $50 per month for 5 GB, $80 per month for 10 GB, all no contract.

So, users can keep their current phone. Don’t even need a smart phone or a phone at all. Just your iPad and your Scanfob.